“There's so much new music out there everyday, you have to be obsessed to keep up with it.” Says Los Angeles-based DJ, sound designer, and musical consultant Alex Trumbo, also known as DJ Gumsoul.


Gumsoul started DJing professionally in 2006 and his genre-bending sets have earned him a reputation as essential for those seeking an expertly crafted musical experience for their audience.  “My goal is to not only give the client the atmosphere they request, but the music the crowd needs.”

“So many DJs just press a button and start the same playlist they've used everywhere for the last 6 months or has been made by someone else! They ignore the crowd and you end up with music that nobody pays attention to or cares about,” explains Gumsoul.  “When I DJ an event, the music elevates the environment and mood of the audience not just because it's professionally mixed and curated, but because it's tailored to what they want to and need to hear... even if they've never heard it before.”

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• Castaway Burbank (Music Curator)

• Rosa Mexicano Hollywood (Weekly)

• SkyBar (Special Event Residency)

• Standard Hotel Hollywood (Bi-Weekly)

• Desert Nights @ The Cactus Lounge (Weekly)

• The Down & Out (Weekly)

• ADCB & SPiN (Bi-Weekly)


• Apple

• J.C. Penney

• Showtime

• Virgin

• Disney

• ABC Family

• Style Network

• The London Hotel

• The Mondrian Hotel

• The Andaz

• The Westin Bonaventure​


• Cafe Habana
​• Castaway

​• Cinespace

• The Falcon

• Fly Lounge Aspen

• Asia De Cuba

• House of Blues

• El Cid

• Blu Monkey

• Colliers Real Estate

• US Bank

• Kitson 

• Soulga

• Antiocracy Magazine

• Urban Outfitters

• Evolutionary Collective San Francisco

• Serves You Right

• Unity Church of Tustin

• University of Southern California

• Antioch University

• Pepperdine University

• Occidental College



Since he started spinning the sounds, DJ Gumsoul has spun for countless weddings. “I love weddings! How great is it to celebrate one of the best days in a couple’s lives with them? Getting everybody all sweaty and crazy, dancing their butts off? Sounds good to me!”


When DJ Gumsoul books a wedding, he meets with the couple and talks about what music they love, the vibe and scene they want, and also what music they definitely don’t love. “It’s great to get a sense of what music brought them together, what gets them going.” Gumsoul says. “I work with what the couple wants and mix in classics, new jams, and secret weapons that keep the crowd moving.”


With a degree in Theater, DJ Gumsoul is a fluent MC that can keep things moving, working with what the night needs. “I mix everything live, which helps me stay on top of the crowd’s needs.” He says. “Not to brag, but every wedding I’ve ever rocked has loved me. I look forward to rocking yours!”


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